Branching out with Valley Wellness

Valley Wellness has truly turned over a new leaf, spreading their roots across the Raritan and Branchburg landscape. Your go-to Marijuana Dispensary in Raritan, NJ is spreading their seeds even further, branching out (pun intended) towards the regions of Basking Ridge, Hillsborough, and Martinsville.

A Puff of Fun in Basking Ridge and Hillsborough

Sailing on the winds of recreational cannabis, they managed to open a shop in Basking Ridge, NJ as well as Hillsborough, NJ. Fancying a bit of fun at the weekend? You know where to find it. And if you’re thinking “medical”, Martinsville is your stop for your ‘medicinal green’.

Curbside Cannabis in Manville

That’s not all though! They offer curbside pickup as well. Yes, you heard it correctly. Making life easier and more convenient in Manville, NJ, Valley Wellness is offering the best in convenience, with their innovative Cannabis Curbside Pickup. Your cannabis needs are only a curb away. Valley Wellness, your dedicated and committed cannabis bud who’s there for you every step of the journey. Quite literally.